Bracelet Design Ideas


What is it that you would like to wear on your hand? It can either be a beautiful set, plain or shimmery bangles or, a decent bracelet showcasing the elegance and beauty within you. Girls and women are fond of good jewelry and they love to wear it to different formal and casual parties. The young girls wear the artificial bracelets studded with rhinestones and other decorative accessories while the elder women, or the married ones, are more inclined towards the gold and silver jewelry. Those ladies are lucky who get a chance to wear diamonds around their arms. 

Best bracelet designs that will complete your look:

The awesome types of bracelets that are in fashion for this and the coming seasons are as follows:

1.Leather bracelets:
These bracelets, unlike the metal bracelets, offer a great look when worn on the hand. They are not only popular among the girls but also worn by boys. Although the design is a bit changed but the overall style looks amazing. 

2.Gold and silver bridal bracelets:
The Pakistani and Indian brides love to wear gold and silver on their wedding day either in the form of necklaces and earrings or the amazing gold bracelets. These bracelets can be in a chain form or a bangle style. They can either be loaded with stones and gems or carved into different lovely shapes. 

3.Diamond and stones bracelets:
Pearls, diamonds, and gemstones are the few sparkly items that look wonderful when incorporated into a bracelet form. From the small size stones to large size, both are used while designing a bracelet. They can be in a form of stretch bracelet or a link bracelet. You can wear it with your classy outfit to a wedding or a party to make sure you look beautiful. Many Western brides wear diamond bracelets on their wedding.

4.Cuff and bangle bracelets:
The bangle bracelets are the ultimate love of every girl. They cover the wrist in a fashion that it looks trendy, colorful and stylish. The bangle bracelets are either made up of multi-layered steel strings or fabric like silk, wool or leather like cloth. The cuff bracelets are a similar type of bracelets that look best on the wrist as well. They cover about one-third of the wrist and offer a traditional look. 

5.Artificial bracelets for young girls:
It’s time we introduce you to the artificial yet modish girl’s bracelets. You might have seen many teenage girls wearing the bracelets in images all around the web. Don’t they look cool? The several types of artificial bracelets include the friendship bracelet, magnetic bracelet, Shamballa bracelet, wristwatch bracelet, identity or beaded bracelet, charm bracelet and omega bracelets.

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