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Does the gooey and oozing chocolate of hot fudge lava cakes seem to enthrall your taste-buds every time you come across the image of one? Is the scent of freshly baked goodies enough to take you to a dimension far away from this world? If you have ever wondered what it takes to make your cakes absolutely moist and soft, just like the ones available at famous bakeries and restaurants, we’ve got the tips and tricks for you. Running on a tight budget will no longer be a problem and for the fulfillment of your hunger desires! This app provides you with not only tasty and hygienic homemade cake baking recipes, but they are also budget friendly! 

Our Application is prepared in a manner that offers you free Cake Baking Recipes at the tip of your fingers. With a tap on your smartphone’s screen, behold so many cake recipes right in front of you, reachable at any moment, any time, any place! All the recipes are compiled and organized into suitable classifications according to the diverse categories of cakes available. These may vary according to cultures, regions and taste buds that the recipes originate from. With the help of the search bar, you may easily search for your cake preferences ranging from simple Vanilla Pound Cakes to Baked Alaska – you name it!

List Contains
Chocolate Cake
Vanilla Cake
Sponge Cake
Boston Creamy Cake
Chocolate Fudge and many more delicious recipes.

Not only does each recipe contain the ingredients card, pictures and the procedure of preparation - but also thorough videos showing the step by step method to reaching the deliciously desired end product.The varieties available include: marble cakes, cheese cakes, birthday cakes, frosting/icing cakes, wedding cakes, whole wheat cakes, fruit cakes, sugar-free cakes, fondant cakes, three or two-tier cakes and much more. Our application provides you with in-depth recipes teaching you how not only to make the fluffy and moist cakes you are in search for, but also ways to present them in a technique identical to those available at any five-star restaurant! 

This app will also teach you how to fill lava cakes with the perfect amount of melted chocolate allowing the cake to erupt the moment it is laid hands on. It will help you make colorful fondant or basic buttercream frosting to decorate your cakes. The perfect ganache, caramel and rosettes will now be possible to decorate your cake. This app also includes all the specifics needed to prepare the previously listed, as well as the latest trends in cake decoration and preparation. Not only will you be exposed to simple and less time consuming recipes for baking the cakes, but also tips on how to speed up the process, eliminating un-needed steps of preparation. You will also be taught how to keep the right proportions of ingredients, without the over or under use of any component - ensuring a well-balanced and exuberant taste to the desert. With the help of the detailed videos in our application, learn old-fashioned and slightly tailored recipes of cakes that will have a perfect savor and aroma, leaving you and your guests stunned!

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