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Do you have a front yard or backyard? It’s time you focus on landscaping it. Lawns and gardens are the best lively part of a house. No matter how huge or small the garden is; the family members love to decorate it with the best stones, fences, plants, shrubs, trees, pots and fountain style corners. Decide whether you want a walkway in between the two portions of your garden or you’re happy with the single large green garden with the traditional border lined plantation. You can hire a landscape architect to design a beautiful and peaceful refuge at your home. Gardens design ideas photos for small and large gardens are posted on this webpage as well.

Take a pick from the pictures we have posted and enjoy decorating your garden likewise. Go for the small lawns designs or the 

>>>> 5 trendy garden landscaping ideas:

• Small garden designs for front and back
Having a small area available for gardening makes it challenging to make the garden look good. Though the choice of plants and flowers at hand is vast, only a few selective ones can give a perfect look. You can concentrate more on the plants, pots, vines, chair and tables for sitting and a nice water supply area. Go for rose plants, dog flowers, China rose, poppy, marigold and the beautiful water lilies (if you dare to go for the small luxurious water pond gardens). 

• Large garden designs for bungalow and palaces
When it comes to designing a large garden; there are tons of exquisite décor plans that you can follow. Decide the area of your large garden and the shape in which you would want to create it. From green rectangle gardens to circle and V-shaped gardens; all are really popular. From green labyrinth to water fountains, small sculptures, fences, ponds, cobblestone paved pathways, lamp posts, and vibrant flowers and green leafy trees are some essentials of a beautiful garden. 

• Add a bit of spark with these garden fencing ideas
Fencing a garden gives it a complete look. Though the boundaries are defined but you can use them to make the green velvety area look more peaceful. Pick the best garden fencing design for a lasting impression. Different qualities of wood fences are available for the gardens. Paint them or use their natural color for a trendy style lawn. 

• Garden decking
These modern deck designs will steal your heart away. Making use of them will allow you to give a spacious look to your small lively garden. Select the deck design from the images and make sure you arrange it properly. 

• Covered garden lawns
Having an afternoon tea in the outdoor garden is every family’s dream! Make yours come true by creating a fabulous covered garden lawn. From patios to gazebo style shade, canopies, green cloth shade, umbrella and the extended roof form the best covers for the garden preventing the sun to shine brightly in your area.

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