Bridal Mehndi Designs


A traditional red dress, a vibrant set of bangles, glittering jewelry and intricately designed mehndi; these are the things that make a bride feel beautiful on her special day. The intense red hues and the sweet fragrance of mehndi is an essential for the brides of Pakistan, India etc. Mehndi or henna has been a symbol of happiness and beauty since thousands of years and we now bring this tradition to you in the form of an android app.

Different regions across the world have different designs of mehndi according to their own local traditions. Mehndi is an art that stains your hand with beautiful flowers, patterns, motifs and mandalas. There is a wide range to choose from like batik, Arabic, Pakistani, Indian and even Moroccan and you can either have your own local design or adopt the traditional design of some other culture. You can have your hand densely filled with mehndi or just have a simple design with spaces in between. It is entirely up to you to select how you want to adorn your hands, arms or feet with the aesthetic henna.

These days there are millions of designs available on the internet and you can get easily confused as to what to choose. This is why we bring to you this app with a vast collection of some of the best bridal mehndi designs. Through our android app you can easily look through step by step tutorials of the designs and choose whichever appeals to you the most. You can even learn how to apply the henna yourself. This app has been created especially for all those brides out there to help them save time during their hectic schedule of wedding planning. Whether you’re looking for mehndi for your hands, your arms or your feet we have all of it available in one place which is this app.

So a shoutout to all the brides who are planning their wedding and to the people who are learning how to apply henna and even for the mehndi lovers who just like having it on Eid or any other occasion, download our app and make your lives easier by going through our collection of videos of best mehndi designs. Who knows, the mehndi design for your special day might just be a touch away…so start downloading. 

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