South African Food Recipes

Looking for the right application to provide you with all the authentic South African recipes in the world? Haven’t been able to find one yet? Well, look no further. Our application offers you a wide range of genuine African recipes ranging from the simplest recipes of Yellow rice all the way to the traditional al fresco Braai/Shisha and Cape Malay curry. South African cuisine comes along with a number of spices with vibrant and vivacious flavors making our food palate utterly attractive and scrumptious at the same time. 

You’ve probably heard about these dishes from your ancestors but never had the chance to learn the correct methods of preparation from them, and now the longing for Peri Peri and barbecued food is tempting your taste buds. Well, ‘Hakuna Matata’ – No worries! Not only does our application provide you with the exact ingredients required to make a certain dish, but also detailed instructions with in-depth videos covering the precise methods of preparation.

No longer do you have to search for restaurants in your vicinity offering you these traditional cuisines. With our application and video tutorials you can become your own South African master chef at home! These video tutorials contain a comprehensive and step by step process at the touch of a button, being available wherever you go. They are very simple to follow and cut out unnecessary tasks making the preparation process quicker, just for you. 

Not only do we offer you recipes in savory foods, but an overall cultural experience including the most famous cultural desert “melk-tert” which is a custard filled pastry. Also, if you fancy a little cocktail to conclude your meal, a sugary and rich glass of “Amarula” will certainly do the trick. Download our application and experience the lively tastes of Africa at your convenience and in your own kitchen whenever the need be!

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