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When it comes to decorating or renovating your home or office; the one thing you can not miss is the wall design. The four walls of a room can either make it look bigger or make it look smaller through the color and the design of the wall. Many people hire interior designers to guide them regarding the best way to decorate their walls. The main solutions that the creative interior designers offer include going for wall art, applying wall paint or selecting suitable and impressive wallpaper for the wall.
Whether you would like to color three walls in one color and the fourth one in a bit louder shade or do you want to paste wallpaper on the wall? It’s a decision you need to make accordingly. To tell you more about the wall designs in fashion this year, we have attached the related pictures and living room/ bedroom images for better guidance.

Best wall design options:

Wall art:
According to the latest trend in wall designing, wall art takes the top place. There are several innovative things that fall under wall art. You can decorate your living room wall or the bedroom wall in these ways to make it look beautiful. The best wall art consists of painting different patterns, floral figures, or using wall stencils on the wall. From corner design to center wall art designs, everything is available in a large variety. 
Another wall art includes using wall frames and painting to make it look beautiful. The family tree wall frames art is loved by the families a lot these days. The three-set painting is also in demand along with pattern and geometrical wall art. Different, funky and cool designs for children bedrooms are also available on Pinterest and Tumblr.

Wall paint:
From solid to textured wall paint, through proper design selection, the wall can be designed in a beautiful manner. The plus point with the use of wall paint is that it is available in the market in any color. From shades of blue to purple, orange, red, skin, beige, lilac, green and yellow; all the colors are present in the shop. Once you have decided the interior wall design and color scheme of the walls, you can hire the painter to carry out the job.
Other than the solid paints, textured painting is used to enhance the beauty of the wall. Stencils can be used to form a texture on the wall or you can go with wall paint techniques like ragging or sponging and grunge textures as well.

No matter what’s the size of your wall, you can get hold of the wallpapers of any size and designs from the local wallpaper shops. These wallpapers cover the whole wall and make it look classy. They are available in different designs and colors but the most dominant colors are creamy white, shades of brown, beige, gold dust, white and black. Wallpapers in red/ maroon and blue colors are also among the favorites for the stylish living and drawing rooms. The luxurious designing on these wallpapers make the room look pretty and lively. Embossed floral wallpapers are also appreciated by the interior designers.

The wallpapers can be plain in different colors or have some pattern on it. The most common patterns are the stencil art ones. The background is light whereas the design/ pattern on it are slightly dark. Black and white wallpapers and modern design wallpapers are highly in demand. 3 D wallpapers are in fashion as well as they give an amazing look the room and leave everyone surprised by their beauty.

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