Men Kurta Designs


Every man should upgrade his look by the use of different styles of clothing and accessory. Men kurta are the most common and famous clothing style worn by the young and adult men. They carry it outside to a formal event with pride as well as wear casually in their homes for comfort. You’ll simply love the latest kurta designs. They are new and stylish. Every man would be pleased to dress up in a fashionable dress and make his own trendy fashion statement. Do you wish to do the same?

Top men Kurta designs for 2017-2018:
The innovative dress designers work in our favor through all the four seasons to launch new and trendy dresses. When it comes to Kurta designs, you can find a huge variety of Kurtas in the shopping stores. 
The simple and decent designs of kurtas are as follows:

Plain, solid color kurta:
Solid color kurtas are the Asian men’s favorite attire. They not only represent their culture and tradition but also have a special place in the heart of all men. Kurtas in colors like blue, green, gray, white, black, brown, red, maroon, purple and many others are available in simple and designer wear collection. With a simple patchwork or stylish collar, the simple kurtas are made even more beautiful.

Embroidered kurta:
Men, especially the groom or those who are up to attend an event look forward to wearing a bit fashionable yet embroidered kurta. The pattern and style of embroidery are different for every kurta. Either you select the one with neckline embroidery or go for the patch embroidery in the front; all the different styles are in fashion. From beadwork to threadwork; various innovative designs are seen in the pictures of embroidered kurtas. 

Different neck collar kurtas:
The neck collar of a kurta is of several types. The young males prefer to wear ban collar neck kurta as they look smart and handsome in it. The adults or old men are happy to wear the shirt style neck collar as well. Round T-shirt like neck style is also seen in different kurtas. 

Kurtas with waistcoat and sherwani:
The kurtas most commonly worn with stylish banarsi or silk waistcoat ad jamawar sherwani are simple and of white, off white or black color. As the above coat like eastern traditional style cloth covers the kurta nearly completely; it’s best to keep it simple and plain.

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