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While constructing a house, every little bit of detail is important to those who are going to live there. From the walls to the size of the room, from the design of the staircase to the structure of the terrace; everything has a major effect on the outlook of the house. In such a situation how can one miss the ceiling design?

Knowing that the market is full of different high-quality materials for ceiling and that too in various designs and styles, how can one miss planning the structure and design of the ceiling? Wherever you go, the first thing (among many) that you notice in a building is the ceiling of the place. Either it’s a living room’s ceiling with chandeliers on it or a bedroom with stripped design ceiling; it surely draws your attention, right?
To help you in your construction project and enable you to have a decorative ceiling, we have gathered here a number of ceiling design photos and images through which you can explain your architect about the design you exactly want.

Best ceiling designs and styles:
The best designs that are trending these days include ceiling styles for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen and even the ceiling patterns of corridor and hallways. Wondering how you’re going to select the finest one? It’s time you show your aesthetic skills and craft the best plan for your house/office building.

Note: Get ready as you are about to witness a tour to an exceptionally great collection of ceiling designs. The collection includes both traditional and modern styles in a variety of shade of blue, green, white and black, red and in any other color you want.

False ceiling designs:
This design gives a false impression of the ceiling as the real ceiling surface is quite up but the ceiling extension makes it look at a lower level. Apart from its amazing moisture and noise insulation properties (in the case of gypsum ceiling), you’ll be simply amazed by the collection of fall ceiling designs and styles.

Using this ceiling design, the lighting of the area has reached a whole new level. From warm lighting to the bright one, take a pick and choose your ceiling or do it otherwise.

Gypsum false ceilings designs can be modified into different shapes like rectangles, circles, flowers and leaves, semicircles or any other form that you like can be crafted as well. Musical notes illusion, patterned drop ceiling, wooden false ceiling and wave like patterned ceilings are also in fashion.

Suspended ceiling designs:
This ceiling design is another way to attract the visitors. A beautifully decorated ceiling can do wonders it can entirely change the look of your room. The suspended ceilings make use of art in ways you can’t imagine. The designer’s design wave shaped, a geometrical object shaped, grid patterned modern ceiling styles.

Provided that you are designing the ceiling for kid’s bedroom or master bedroom, the style would change a bit. The ceiling designs for bedrooms will support lighting as well giving a warm, cozy look to the room. Either light along with solid wall panels are used or the small or medium sized chandeliers are attached to the suspended ceiling panel for better illumination of the room.

Tile ceiling designs:
Tile ceilings are seen in different materials. The most common ones are the thin plywood, other kinds of wood, plastic, steel, faux tin ceiling tiles and so on. The trend of decorative tiles with embossed paint or golden work is more often seen in India. The tile ceilings are best for kitchen and can be used in other rooms as well.

The main advantage of tile ceiling patterns is the amount of beauty you’ll get to add your house. They can be designed in the way you want or you can select from the already decorated tile panels as well and whichever color contrast you choose, these tiles are available in that color.

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