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Tired of hiring expensive Mehndi experts to apply Mehndi for your next wedding event? Looking for the trendiest Mehndi designs online, but can’t seem to find the perfect one to suit your palms? Want to know about the latest Mehndi Vogue? Well you’ve come to the right place! This app allows you to view an unlimited number of henna designs with different styles and patterns as well as videos to assist you in applying these aesthetic designs on a number of memorable occasions.

Be it Eid, Diwali, your cousin’s wedding, bridal showers, engagement parties, birthdays or any other special celebration, adding a significant touch – Mehndi – tends to add more specialty to the event. Mehndi has been a source of distinctive body art dating back to more than a thousand years ago. Ladies, mostly from Middle Eastern, African and Asian cultures have practiced the art of applying these intricate designs on themselves and others as a form of expressing joy and happiness all around. Applying Mehndi is a means of expressing belonging to culture and tradition. It is known as a tattoo, nonetheless it is not permanent rather it is a stain left upon the skin. 
Just like the day to day changes in fashion of clothes and jewelry, Mehndi designs are also altered according to trend. They may be applied on the fingertips of our hands, all the way up to our shoulders, at times as a tattoo on our back or on the top portion of our feet, sometimes even up till the knees! There are a number of variations in the designs of Mehndi according to country or region being applied, such as; Arabic designs, Indian Designs, Pakistani Designs, etc.

This app contains Videos of :
Easy Mehndi Designs
Hand Mehndi Designs
Arabic Mehndi Designs
Bridal Mehndi Designs
Indian Mehndi Designs
Floral Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs usually take inspiration from flowers and leaves of different sizes and shapes as well as other belongings of nature adjusted with variations to aesthetic style. With mixtures of lines and swirls, ranging in thickness, patterns are formed. The patterns are usually adjusted and each Mehndi design applied is unique in its own way. For girls with thin arms, Mehndi designs with bigger and thicker patterns seem to suit them more. Whereas for girls with wider arms, patterns which are more thin and intricate beautifully blend in to make their arms look much thinner. 

This app lets you view a large variety of different tutorial videos showing how exactly to apply the various intricate Mehndi design patterns to either side of your hands or to your feet. Depending on the occasion, your interest of length and the thickness of design that you particularly like, use the videos to mimic the pattern onto your hand or the hand of a friend. The videos will let you pause, rewind and fast forward to ensure that you view the designs according to your need and speed. The more delicate and intricate the details of the design, the more difficult it is to apply. However, with the use of this app, you can make the job a hundred times more simple by adjusting the tutorial speed as per your requirement. 

Desi gatherings are no longer a time of crisis as getting permed up will be made not only easier but also more 
affordable. By using the videos to help you create your own Mehndi design patterns on your hands, you will save a lot on hiring experts to do the job for you. Moreover, no one knows you better than you do yourself; you know just how you like it and want it to be. Thus, this app will assist you in creating your desired Mehndi designs from now onwards.

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