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One of the most stressful things for a bride on her wedding day is her bridal makeup. Usually, it is something that is pre-decided many months before the big day and after taking the opinion of other females with experience in the matter. However, there are chances that when the makeup is done, the bride is not satisfied and all her hopes and expectations go down the drain. Well, good thing that technology has advanced because we have developed an app that will be perfect for all brides-to-be and reduce some of their mental pressure and anxiety by providing an easy and convenient way to get their bridal makeup done at the touch of a button.

This brilliant app gives you the chance to surf through videos of bridal makeup of different kinds and style be it heavy or light makeup that you prefer. Of course, matching your wedding dress is a pre-requisite to deciding the makeup. The good thing is that, different videos show different bridal makeup tutorials based on varying color combinations to match the dress and extravagance of the bride. Nowadays, more modern makeup trends such as smoky eyes and nude, pumped up lips are what brides want. The trendier the makeup, the more expensive it is to get done even if the procedure is simple. 

The face cut of a woman and the skin type will have a great impact on the makeup composure. For instance, a round face will require special contouring to give it a thin effect. The eyes and lips will contrast. If one is bright or heavy, the other will be subtle. Such strategies are the tips of the experts which are teaching you how to do bridal makeup in the video tutorials. A girl’s lipstick or eye makeup should complement the color of her dress, however only one of them should be complementary whereas the other provides a contrasting background effect. 

It is the desire of every bride to look gorgeous on her wedding day when she is the center of all attention. Everything requires a balance in combination from her clothes to her hair and the finishing touches of her bridal makeup. This app allows you to pick and choose from a combination of makeup tutorials. Pick one which would match the dress type that you are wearing and begin the fine art of bridal makeup at an instant click. Practice makes perfect and soon you will be too! Watch and learn the secrets to the makeup techniques and look gorgeous on your wedding day without having to pay for unaffordable salon rates. The videos will allow you to pause, rewind and forward very conveniently and if you miss out, you can watch it again for practice. Not only will you learn some amazing techniques for painting a glamorous new you!

Different makeup brands and tools for the fine art are used throughout the videos. Everything is mentioned so that you know exactly the instruments you require to make your dream look a reality. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and it is a day when you can display your culture and tradition on your own self in an alluring manner. Bridal makeup adds the essential touch and the extravagance of details is highlighted on this day as the bride needs to be ready for close up shots of her makeup. Rather than having the parlor lady surprise you with a look that you never expected or imagined, let yourself be the boss by using this app to help you beautify yourself.

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